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School Events

We offer a variety of annual events to allow students, parents, teachers, and administrators to socialize. Get in touch with us today at (813) 886-2050 to find out how you can help out by volunteering.


Get Acquainted Fall Picnic

This annual pot-luck picnic is traditionally held at Upper Tampa Bay Park in October and is one of everyone’s favorites. Great food, games, and beautiful surroundings make this an amazing event. We always need volunteers for pre-planning, set-up, and clean-up to make it a successful day. This is a great way to meet your child’s classmates and other parents in our school community.


Feast Day

This is our unique Thanksgiving celebration where the students prepare a “feast.” After they learn about the Native Americans and Pilgrims and the history of this day, they choose items to dress in their chosen character.

Working on these outfits takes place at school and becomes more sophisticated as the child gets older.

Our oldest students help serve the feast after the student body expresses their thankfulness in a short presentation to the adult guests. Parents are invited to come to the school on Feast Day and join in this celebration and delicious lunchtime feast.

Private School Events in Tampa, FL

CMS Marketplace and Bazaar

During the Fall months and for the few weeks before our Winter Break, the students at CMS work on various crafts and art projects to sell in our Marketplace Bazaar. On the evening set aside for this event there is a transformation of the Civic or Webb Road campus into a small village market wonderland.

Here the students and their teachers have their wares displayed in small decorated booths. There are also game booths run by the Upper Elementary students and delicious food for sale managed by the Adolescents and parent volunteers. Usually the night is crisp, the music energizing, and everyone has a wonderful time. The monies raised on this evening go to migrant worker families that we have “adopted” through Dover Elementary School. The 6th level students deliver our gifts to the families.


Family Day

In January or February, we arrange an opportunity for students and parents to spend time together in their child’s classroom. Children have a chance to show their parents some of the work they do at school, and give parents lessons on their favorites. Our students are always excited about this day and we encourage parents to take this wonderful opportunity to witness your child in their own daily setting. This day works differently for each program level and we often schedule visits on different days.


Sidewalk Sale

After accumulating and organizing donations from CMS families and friends, CMS parents and students gather on a spring Saturday morning for a huge neighborhood sidewalk sale! Oftentimes the older students organize a bake sale or concession stand to coincide with the Sidewalk Sale.


Graduation and Music Recital

During the year, all Adolescent and Elementary students learn, practice and study music, including guitar for the Adolescent students; violin, recorders and singing for the Lower Elementary students; and violin and CMS Band from the Upper Elementary students.

As a culmination of all of their work, the students present a Music Recital for parents and guests. Each child has an important part in this production and is required to attend the evening program.

The students work very hard all year long to prepare their pieces and this provides a wonderful venue for performing all of their hard work! The Music Recital is also accompanied by a graduation ceremony for 6th and 9th level students.

This is a time when graduating students are recognized and have an opportunity to speak about their experiences at CMS.

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